Mitsubishi demonstrates ‘revolutionary’ new multi-touch (MT) interface

Mitsubishi Electric is demonstrating a ‘revolutionary’ new multi-touch (MT) interface for its Seventy Series DLP cubes.

The interface transforms a standard multi-window display wall into an interactive workspace that can be used by several users simultaneously.

The system has already aroused considerable interest from both the digital signage and command and control sectors, according to the manufacturer.

The unique multi-touch technology, developed jointly in Sweden by Mitsubishi Electric and i3 Sense, uses laser sensors instead of the more usual infrared detectors, or capacitive touch overlays. As well as offering greater accuracy and responsiveness, the new system is said to be much less susceptible to interference from sources of IR radiation such as sunlight.

The technology makes it possible to create reliable multi-touch, multi-user interfaces in normally-lit environments such as control rooms, shop windows or other public areas.
Users can change size, orientation and position of any window by simply grabbing it or dragging the corners to the desired position.

The ease with which users can work together and manage multiple sources offers exciting possibilities in applications such as command and control.

“The Multi-Touch option creates a completely new class of user interface called a Natural User Interface (NUI),” said Daniel Quitzau of Mitsubishi Electric Sweden.

“The technology removes the need for the operator to have specialist training or to be aware of how the data is being managed – configuring a display really does become as simple and as intuitive as arranging paper on your desk.“