Proximity RFID Reader Mifare MF7

Card Reader Mifare MF7 1
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Meer informatie

The MF7 is a very high performance proximity reader. This well-designed reader is packed with technical features that have medium range capability and a small footprint. The MF7 reader is the best choice for system integrators because of its wide range of power inputs (between 5V to 18V DC). Even at 5 Volts (DC), the MF7 features a good reading range. The MF7 reader also comes with a variety of Three-In-One interface, RS-232, MSR ABA TK2 and Wiegand interfaces allowing it to integrate with a variety of applications, especially security access control.


l Contactless reading.
l Reading distance: up to 50mm
l Frequency: 13.56 MHz
l Read Mifare UltraLight and MF1 Standard cards
l Three -In -One interface, with Wiegand, MSR ABA TK2 and RS232 interfaces
l Fast data transfer
l Weather resistant
l High data integrity
l True anticollision
l User convenience
l Easy to install
l Available installed on metal surface
l Unique design


Power Requirements:5~18 Volts regulated DC at 200 mA typical. A linear regulator is recommended.
MSR ABA Track2
Or special customized specifications.
Interface Cable - 90 cm
Read Mifare MF1 standard cards for 1204/4096 byte and Mifare UltraLight cards of EEPROM size 512bit for ISO 14443A
Typical Maximum reading distance:Up to 50mm at 5~12V with Mifare card In ideal conditions.
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz standard
Read Only for Unique Serial Number / Unique Identifier ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
External control Audio / Visual Indication: Internal LED and Buzzer

Technische details

Dimensies HxBxL (mm) 15x43x78
Environment -10 - 60 C