SiteKiosk 9 Basic

SiteKiosk Basic is the ideal software solution to securely present web-based content (HTML, apps, videos, etc.) and applications on public access terminals.
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Meer informatie

Configuration tool
The SiteKiosk configuration tool will guide you through every step of the configuration. No programming skills required.

Session reset after idle time
A session will be terminated automatically after a specified idle time. All browser and application windows will be closed, all user traces will be deleted (history, cookies, and cache), and the SiteKiosk browser returns to the Start Page.

Internet Content Filter (Plus version only)
The content filter identifies websites that may contain inappropriate content in real time and blocks them accordingly.

Restricted surfing area
The surfing area allows you to define which URLs the user is allowed to access. You can, for instance, restrict the user's access to only your organization's websites.

Display in fullscreen mode
With the fullscreen mode feature, you can either show all URLs or only the ones you have selected in fullscreen mode.

On-Screen Keyboards (Plus version only)
SiteKiosk provides a great selection of on-screen keyboards which can also be displayed or hidden for certain URLs or automatically appear when text input is required.

Customizable user interface
The browser interface can be customized to meet your individual requirements since it is based on open source web technologies.

Start screen generator
With the Start-Screen Template and the new WYSIWYG editor you can easily design your Start Screens using drag & drop.

Chrome engine support
In addition to the Internet Explorer, SiteKiosk 9 supports Google's Chrome Browser Engine. This feature allows SiteKiosk to be adaptable to future changes in browser technology such as Microsoft's announcement to discontinue Internet Explorer.

Payment devices (Plus version only)
SiteKiosk allows you to charge for using the computer. A variety of cash acceptors, credit card readers and credit card gateways are supported.